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Should Google cover Samsung’s payments?

Samsung, HTC and all the other Android vendors are not Google’s real customers and Android is not Google’s real product.

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Windows 8 – why I really don’t miss the start menu

After using start menu for 15+ years I did miss it for a while. Now I'm just happy it's gone for good.

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The future of Windows Phone

In couple of months Microsoft will truly enter the smartphone battle – everything you have seen so far has been just a little practise match.

Read more Why Microsoft offers a free email service?

Microsoft wants to sell you their products. To Google and Yahoo you are the product they sell to their customers.

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Should you get rid of your Microsoft shares right now?

"Nowadays nobody under thirty writes anything on Microsoft developer tools unless they are demented or brain-dead" - true on not?

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Who uses Microsoft – and who loves it?

It's very easy to find people who hate Microsoft. Microsoft lovers are much harder to come by.

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The lost decade – on how people really don’t understand Microsoft

Some amazing things happened during "the lost decade of Microsoft"..

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